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Rabbitt Consulting

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Anne Rabbitt has been involved in the non-traded investment industry for over 30 years. Anne’s expertise lies in the back office procedures and infrastructure that is required of Sponsors and Transfer Agents.

Heading up a Sponsors’ Investor Relations Department and also heading up a Transfer agency gives Anne the ability to understand the needs of both sides.

Anne is currently a Business Development Consultant for The DI Wire and is available for other part time or short term consulting jobs. Previously, Anne provided consulting services to Arc-Insight, DST, DTCC, The Cypress Funds, Moody, CBRE, Cole, Redwood Mortgage, Lightstone and United Development Fund. Prior to consulting, Anne helped structure and launch Phoenix American Financial Services, a transfer agent for sponsors of direct investment programs. Prior to launching that transfer agency in 1994, Anne managed the Investor Services Division for a Fund Sponsor.

Consulting services include handling transfer agent searches; overseeing conversions of investor and broker data; analyzing, recommending and documenting back office process flows and policies and procedures; project management of investor relations tasks; assisting new sponsors during formation; temporary investor relations staff person and liaison between a sponsor and transfer agent.

Although sales and marketing get all the attention, a well-run back office is the glue that holds the company together.

12 Drakewood Lane
Novato, CA 94947



Anne Rabbitt, Principal


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